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Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Sol-Deace Sega Genesis Cheats

Extra Lives and Invincibility
Enable Level Select, then highlight MODE in the Options menu. Hold A and press Right several times. Eventually, the word "MY99" will appear. This option will give you 99 lives. If you continue to press Right while holding A, the word "MUTEKI" will appear. Selecting this option will make your ship invincible.

Level Select
At the title screen, press A, B, C, A, B, C, B, C, B, A. You will hear a short explosion. Press Start. A Level Select entry will appear on the Options menu.

Level Skip
Enable Level Select. From now on, if you press A + B + C simultaneously you will advance to the next level!

Monday, March 30, 2015

The Smurfs Sega Genesis Cheats

Level Passwords
On the main menu, select Password and enter any one of the following passwords:
Password: ----- Result:
Brainy Smurf, Jokey Smurf, Normal Smurf, Greedy Smurf ----- Act 05: The Lake
Smurfette, Normal Smurf, Greedy Smurf, Papa Smurf ----- Act 09: The Cave
Jokey Smurf, Brainy Smurf, Papa Smurf, Smurfette ----- Act 13: The Descent

Sunday, March 29, 2015

The Smurfs Travel The World Sega Genesis Cheats

Smurfette Level Passwords
On the main menu, select Password and enter any one of the following passwords:
Password: ----- Result:
Normal Smurf, Normal Smurf, Smurfette, Normal Smurf ----- Australia (Easy)
Papa Smurf, Normal Smurf, Smurfette, Papa Smurf ----- Australia (Hard)
Vanity Smurf, Vanity Smurf, Normal Smurf, Normal Smurf ----- Australia (Medium)
Smurfette, Papa Smurf, Papa Smurf, Normal Smurf ----- North America (Easy)
Normal Smurf, Smurfette, Vanity Smurf, Papa Smurf ----- North America (Hard)
Papa Smurf, Normal Smurf, Papa Smurf, Smurfette ----- North America (Medium)

Smurf Level Passwords
On the main menu, select Password and enter any one of the following passwords:
Password: ----- Result:
Papa Smurf, Smurfette, Normal Smurf, Vanity Smurf ----- Australia (Easy)
Normal Smurf, Vanity Smurf, Vanity Smurf, Papa Smurf ----- Australia (Hard)
Vanity Smurf, Smurfette, Papa Smurf, Vanity Smurf ----- Australia (Medium)
Smurfette, Vanity Smurf, Papa Smurf, Vanity Smurf ----- North America (Easy)
Vanity Smurf, Papa Smurf, Smurfette, Smurfette ----- North America (Hard)
Smurfette, Smurfette, Papa Smurf, Normal Smurf ----- North America (Medium)

Saturday, March 28, 2015

Slaughter Sport Sega Genesis Cheats

Character Select
Normally during the game you play the hero, Rex. However there is a way to play any of the other 16 characters in the game including Mondu, and fight against Rex. To use this trick, press the button sequences shown below:
Character - Code:
Bonapart - UP, A, C
Brainiac - RIGHT, RIGHT, C
Buff - LEFT, C, B
Edwina - LEFT, B+C, C
El Toro - B+C, A, UP
Guano - UP, RIGHT, A+B
Mondu - A+B, DOWN, LEFT
Ramses - RIGHT, LEFT, A
Robochic - RIGHT, UP, DOWN
Sheba - B+C, B, B
Spidra - A, DOWN, B
Stump - A+C, RIGHT, C
Webra - A+C, UP, RIGHT
Weezil - DOWN, RIGHT, UP

Friday, March 27, 2015

Skitchin Sega Genesis Cheats

Cheat Code Passwords
At the Warning screen, press B, A, Down, A, Start, Start. Now go to the password screen and enter any of the following codes. These passwords can be combined by re-entering the password screen.
Password: ----- Result:
MONEY ----- $2000
SPEED ----- 3 Nitro Bursts
BALD ----- Bald Player
MOHAWK ----- Mohawk hairstyle
PIZZA ----- Start at Chicago
LIBERTY ----- Start at New York
BEACH ----- Start at San Diego
HILLS ----- Start at San Francisco
TOTEM ----- Start at Vancouver
CAPITAL ----- Start at Washington DC
BRONCOS ----- Start in Denver
STARS ----- Start in Los Angeles
PALMS ----- Start in Miami
JAYS ----- Start in Toronto
AIRPORT ----- Takes player to Seattle
THRASH ----- The best 3 weapons
ARMOR ----- Top Equipment

Thursday, March 26, 2015

Sir Gallahad Sega Genesis Cheats

Skip Level
Enable Unlimited Lives. While playing, press A + Start to skip the current level.

Unlimited Lives
Enter the starting world in the Options screen as "LTUS." When you die, you will always come back with nine lives.

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

The Simpsons: Bart's Nightmare Sega Genesis Cheats

Level Select
To unlock dream selection mode, press A, B, B, A, DOWN, UP, RIGHT, RIGHT and A as Bart is falls during the demo screen.

Play As Other Characters
Beat the game and get an A+ with over 250,000 points and during the credits hold Start and press A, B, A, C, B. The game should restart with the option of playing as other Simpson characters.

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

The Simpsons: Bart Vs. The Space Mutants Sega Genesis Cheats

Jump Further
To jump further than normal, hold A and B simultaneously.

Extra Lives
On level one, get a rocket and shoot the E in Kwiqi-E-Mart. This will give you up to 6 extra lives.

Monday, March 23, 2015

Shinobi 3: Return Of The Ninja Master Sega Genesis Cheats

Unlimited Shurikens
Set the amout of shurikens to 0 on the options menu, Set the sounds effects option to Shuriken. Highlight the shurikens option and keep it there and the 0 will change into the symbol for infinity.

Choose BMG selection on the options menu, then, press B to select the following songs in order. He runs, Japonesque, shinboi walk, sakura, getufu

Sunday, March 22, 2015

Shining In The Darkness Sega Genesis Cheats

Weapon Tips
Flails: These weapons arent always the strongest weapon for Milo, but they will ALWAYS attack twice per turn. Unlike the whips, the flail can not only attack more than 1 enemy in the same group, but it can also attack enemies in other groups and hit the same enemy twice on the same turn. The "Great Flail" is the best of the flails and is technically the "best" weapon for Milo to use throughout the game.

Whips: These weapons will attack EVERY enemy in a single group (groups can have up to around 10 monsters each). The best of which is the hex whip, which must be made for Pyra from a Dark Block - it will be cursed, but it's still worth keeping equipped. The curse causes you to be tangled up in the whip AFTER an attack 30% of the time. You will not be able to move for 1 or 2 turns if you get tangled, but this usually doesnt matter because you'll defeat the enemies in the first round of combat anyway

Rename Characters
At the name entry screen use all five space to enter your name (eg., BRIAN) then use the FWD button. The screen should change to show another character. Repeat this process until you've named them all.

Crystal Ooze
Crystal Oozes are very powerful creatures towards the end of Level 5. Normal attacks are useless and spells may or may not hit them. The worst part is, they only have 2 HP and will either run 99% of the time or cast Freeze 4 (which really hurts). However, if you manage to kill one, they are worth 30,000 EXP a piece!

The best strategy is to use low-level magic that attacks all enemies (Storm Sword, Bolt 1 or Blast 2). They may or may not hit, it is based off luck (high level magic has the same chance to hit for the same damage, so just use lower magic to save on MP).

The other (and better option) is to have Pyra use an Earth Hammer, Shock Box, Ogre Flute or Black Box, if you have any of those (they are very hard to get). These items will not miss and will kill the Oozes 100% of the time (just make sure they don't break on you).

Saturday, March 21, 2015

Shining Force 2 Sega Genesis Cheats

Battle Select
While the Sega logo is on screen enter the following: Up, Down, Up, Down, Left, Right, Left, Right, Up, Right, Down, Left, B, C, B, C, B, C

Secret Configuration Mode
While the Sega logo is on screen enter the following: Up, Down, Up, Down, Left, Right, Left, Right, Up, Right, DOwn, Left, Up, B

Secret Characters in Shining Force 2...
#. Unlockable: ---- How to Unlock:
1. Chaz ---- When back in Grands Island, go to back to Yeel and play the piano.
2. Claude ---- After freeing Moun, find an arm of a golem laying around the top left side of town and get it. Then, find a golem in the secret road leading to Grans
3. Eric ---- Creed Mansion after oddler has become evil
4. Karna ---- go to Creed Mansion after oddler has become evil
5. Kiwi ---- Talk to him at the empty house before departing by ship from Grans Island
6. Randalf ---- Creed Mansion after oddler has become evil
7. Sheela ---- When returning to Grans Island, go visit the Monk's Monastery and make your way to the back of the monastery where you see a waterfall.
8. Skreech ---- Talk to a baby bird learning how to fly, and when leaving Bedoe, have him fall on you by stanting on the right spot (he joins you later on).
9. Taya ---- After defeating Zalbard in Mitula's Shrine, go investigate a stone figure that looks like a person turned to stone.
10. Tyrin ---- Creed Mansion after oddler has become evil

Expert mode
Enable the "Configuration mode" code and complete the game. Reset the Genesis and start a new game. Additional difficulty options will be selectable.

Name all characters
Enable the "Configuration mode" code and complete the game. Reset the Genesis and start a new game. Name your character, highlight the "Exit" option on the character name screen, and press A + Start. Another character will be displayed and can be named. Repeat this process to name all the characters.

Final Boss battle
Complete the game and wait approximately five minutes when the phrase "The End" is displayed. The phrase "and more...?" will appear. Press A, B, or C to enter a final battle with all the Bosses.

Sound test
Enable the "Configuration mode" code and complete the game. Reset the Genesis and start a new game. Highlight a saved game file and quickly hold Start + Up + C.

Hidden ending
Wait a few minutes at the very end of the game, when it shows the jewels and says "Fin". Eventually, the words "And more" will appear up and you will advance into the Nexus to fight every Boss in the game except for the Kraken and Taros (who are replaced by two Mist Demons). This includes Zeon.

Before the first fight, go behind the Grans Tower. There is just a ledge there, and you will not be able to see your characters. Face north somewhere along there while searching or pressing C to find Mithril.

Easy levels
Enable the "Configuration mode" code to control the enemies in the battle just before entering Creed's mansion. Make the person drop the Protect Ring. You can do this as many times as desired if you egress from the battle and buy it from the specials shop. Use it on five separate characters at once, needing only 100 experience points to level up. You only need to do it four times to level up.

Easy levels for Sheela
When you are in the battle with Odd Eye have Sheela cast Boost 2 on the group at the start of the battle. Be sure not to move anyone, and have her cast it as many times as she can. Then, leave the battle, return, and repeat the process as many times as desired. Each time should raise her level anywhere from one to four times, depending on how high your MP is. The process can also be used with any other person who knows Boost, such as Sarah.

Dwarven village
This village is located near Granseal. During a fight you will see a river on one side. One part of the river is not wide. Use the drystone to form a bridge and cross over to find the village. The dwarven blacksmith can be found at this location.

Elven village
This village is located near Creeds mansion. Look for the square of much lighter woods on the way to the mansion, before the part with Elric. Enter the square and to will appear in the Elven village.

Extra experience points
While in the secret elven village, complete the hidden extra stage to collect more experience points.

Dwarven village treasure
Search the dwarven village to find two treasure chests with valuable items and a priest. The two valuable items that may be found here are the white ring and the demon rod. You can use the demon rod with certain people, but do not equip it or you will become cursed. The white ring is similar to a protect ring. It raises the defense and has a heal spell which effects the same area of effect as a Bolt 2 spell and restores fifteen hit points to whomever it hits. The white ring will crack and break if used too many times. Finally, save your money before entering the dwarven village. It costs 5,000 gold coins per weapon made, no matter what type.

Repair Broken Items for free
Some pieces of equipment will break if you use them in battle after so many times. You can get them repaired at a shop, but then you have to pay money. To get it repaired for free, simple put the broken item in the Caravan, then take it out and it will be fixed!

Friday, March 20, 2015

Shining Force Sega Genesis Cheats

Start with +1HP and +1MP
Start a new game and when you enter a name, enter 'SEGA' and you will start with HP/MP: 13/9 instead of 12/8.

Name Characters (Must have completed game first)
Start a new game and go to the Name Your Character screen. Put the cursor on end and hold: Start+A+B+C on 2P while holding: Start+A+C on 1P. You will see another character. Continue this until to name all characters or until you please.

Fight Any Battle (JP Version Only)
Hold: Start on 2P then reset the system. Let go of Start and hold: A+C on 2P. Select continue and wait until the girl says good luck. At that instant hold: A on 1P while continuing to hold: A+C on 2P.

Control All Opponents (JP Version Only)
When the battle begins quickly tap A, B, C, Up, A, C, A, B, A

Bikini Clad Tao
Enter the cave where you get the moon stone (the one where you get zylo) and check the walls you'll find the sugoi mizugi. Now give it to tao and go to headquarters. When you enter a battle Tao will wear a bikini

Get Gong before Battle #1
In order to get Gong before the first battle, you wave to "push" the guy who lost his wagon over to the gate so as to block the guards' movements'. Basically, this means you have to block his way away from the gate, and hope he will walk toward it. Eventually, will get three tiles away from the guards. If you walk forward more the guards will block you, so wait until he decides to get in their path before proceeding. Once outside, you can go to the little house near the site of battle #1 to get Gong. Also, if you try to fight battle #1, Tao and the others will speak but only You and Gong will be present! Try to win this one!

How to get Jogurt
You'll see him in chapter 1 by where you get Gong. Talk to him. He won't join you right away. In chapter 4 in Pao town 1 (before the caravan moves), go to the priest's hut in the northwest area of town. Walk along the west wall INSIDE the hut. You should see Jogurt in the top left of the screen trying to flap his arms to fly. When he stops flapping, he'll be on your team.

Lots of EXP
First enter a battle as usual. Then proceed to fight the enemy, but DO NOT KILL ALL OF THE ENEMIES!!! Just kill some and leave the rest then cast Egress. You exit out of the battle and keep all of the experience that you earned. Repeat as neccsary.

Tao's alternate costume
In Chapter 3, after fighting the first battle to get the Moon Stone, go inside the cave and search the walls and you will find a secret item called the Sugoi Mizugi. Then, give it to Tao, and now she will have an alternate costume in when fighting in battle.

Thursday, March 19, 2015

Shaq Fu Sega Genesis Cheats

At the Options screen quickly press A, B, C, C, B, A. If done correctly the screen will flash. You'll have to look closely, though; Shaq and crew are not heavy bleeders.

Play as Beast's Skeleton
At the option screen press A, A, A, C, CA, A, B, C, B.

Character Select
To play any character in Story mode, go to the Options screen and enter a number from the list below:
# - Player:
1 - Mephis
2 - Sett
3 - Nezu
4 - Kaori
5 - Beast
6 - Auroch
7 - Voodoo
8 - Colonel
9 - Diesel
10 - Leotsu
11 - Rajah
12 - SHAQ!

Fight Beast in Story Mode
On the first island, go to the lower right-hand corner, walk down the stairs and press Start to fight Beast.

Fight Beast's Skeleton Army
On world two move to the upper right corner and press C.

Fight Mephis
On the second island, go to the southern end of the island and find the fence. Go to the middle of it and press Start to fight Mephis.

Fight Sett's Clone
After beating all people on the first land mass, cross the brige at the bottom of the next land mass. There are two poles. Go between them and press start to fight Sett's clone.

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Shadowrun Sega Genesis Cheats

Cheat Menu
To get a hidden cheat menu, at the title screen, press A, B, B, A, C, A, B. Then, start up a game, either new or saved, and go to pocket secretary. Go down the menu, and under the last option, the cursor will go on an empty space. Choose that option.

Debug Mode
At the title screen, press A, B, B, A, C, A, B. Start the game as normal, then go to your pocket secretary. Go down to the invisible option below "Save/Load Game" and select it.

To select multiple options, choose one, then save your game and press Reset. Re-enter the cheat code, then load your saved game and choose another option. Repeat as desired.

Code - Description:
NUYEN - Gives your character 250,000 nuyen
SPELLS - Gain all available spells
DECK - Gain the best deck with all programs
PICK SYSTEM - Lets you pick any mainframe
HEAL ALL - Heals your character and any shadowrunners tagging along
+10 KARMA - Gain 10 Karma points
CONTACTS - Gain all available contacts
WALK FAST - Gives 10 Karma while walking

NOTE: you cannot beat the game if you use these codes.

Easy Money
In Shadowrun, there are lots of devious ways to earn extra money... here are a few of them:

Join the Mafia and polish your reputation and negotiation skills. Using your discount at the Mafia's Crime Mall, buy light combat armor and sell it for a profit!

As a Decker, get a job for a cyber run. Then, go to downtown
Seattle - the lower left-hand corner - where there is a building and a vid-phone. Using the phone, hack into your employer's network and download as many files as you can. Then go into the building and sell the files! (Note: The buyer will give you what he thinks the files are worth.)

Free Cab Rides
To ride cabs free, garner a good reputation. Then go to the Ork gang hideout and buy protection from them. The "smell" cloth they give you in return can also be used for free cab rides!

Free Upgrades
If you're short on cash but desperately need to upgrade your weapons, ammo, or other items, hire a runner who you don't particularly like. Take all of his items and kill him off. Viola!

Join Mafia
To join the Mafia, go to the Eye-Fivers' hideout in the Penumbra district and talk to the gang's boss. Pay him off and he will give you the number to Mr. Faradouchi, Mafia Don.

Join Yakuza
To join the Yakuza, go to the Hallowneers' hideout in the Redmond Barrens district and talk to the gang's boss. Pay him off and he will give you the number to Agira Tetsumi, Yakuza kingpin.

Unlimited Bullets
Buy any type of grenade when you have the money, but DON'T EQUIP IT. When the bullets in your clip get down to about 3-5, equip the grenade then switch back to the gun you're using. You may have to do this more than once to get back to a full clip.

Unlimited Clips
Hire a shadowrunner. Buy 20 clips for yourself, then trade them to your 'runner. Buy 20 more clips and then trade them to your shadowrunner again. Repeat the process as many times as you like then have your shadowrunner trade them.

Strange glitch of a guy getting run over
Go to the Redmond Barrens and go see the Eye-Fivers and talk to their boss. Get the phone number and call it on the vid-phone. Then when it comes on hold the key pad up. Hold it for about twenty seconds and then you will not see a picture of the man you want to talk to. You will see a very graphic picture of a dead man being ran over. The game might freeze after this code.

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Shadow Of The Beast 2 Sega Genesis Cheats

View Credits
Enter A + B + C - Start at the Psygnosis Screen. If done correctly you should see a list of the programmers names.

Monday, March 16, 2015

Shadow Of The Beast Sega Genesis Cheats

Play the game and get a high score. Enter your initials as ZQX. At the title screen hold A + B + C and press START. Your life meter will count down, but will wrap around from 0 to 11.

Sunday, March 15, 2015

Shadow Dancer Sega Genesis Cheats

Practice Mode
At the SEGA logo, hold A + B + C and press Start. Repeat at the title screen. This will enable you to practice almost any level (no bosses) with the third Option. Almost every screen has a Union Lizard coin (worth 1 or 2 lives).

Unlimited Continues
When you die and the game gives you the choice of "continue" or "end", select "end". Now start game again. You will not lose credits and you will start from the sub-level where you died, not from the start of that level.

Get to level 3-2 easily
Watch the story of the game until the demo play appears then press start. It will automatically take you to the Statue of Liberty 3-2 stage.

Hidden Extra Lives
Here's where you can find some hidden extra men:

Stage 2-2 - Where the fence starts for the second time, you can jump and shoot a 1-Up.

Stage 3-1 - On the third floor, walk to the far right. There's a man on the two boxes. Shoot him with a power shuriken, go to the next level and you'll be able to jump down and retrieve a 2-Up.

Saturday, March 14, 2015

Shadow Blasters Sega Genesis Cheats

Beat Ashura
There is an easy way to beat Ashura, the final boss. When you reach Ashura start spinning in circles and blast him when you get the chance. You'll take some hits but if your ship is high you'll blow Ashura away in no time at all.

Select a two-player game and choose your characters. When the game starts let player one's energy drop down to 1 block, then hit Start rapidly on Controller Two while player one loses the last energy block. Player one will reappear at the center of the screen flashing, and he'll be invincible until he grabs energy. This can be repeated for each character.

Friday, March 13, 2015

Second Samurai Sega Genesis Cheats

Level Passwords
The second samurai gets a second wind with this complete set of passwords.

Level 2: 1FC1GFBN
Level 3:
Level 4: 2SETGKNO
Level 6: DLMACA1F
Level 7: TVJW2ZSE
Level 8:
Level 9: 6LSWDRTJ
Level 10: OOK5VVYQ
Level 11: P25KOVWD
Level 12: X1CRTJKO
Level 13: N16W35T4
Level 14: LMNPJJ4V
Level 15: MA4DNMIC

Thursday, March 12, 2015

Scooby-Doo Mystery Sega Genesis Cheats

Ending passwords
Blake's Hotel Chapter


(Use the medallion with the hook to see the ending.)

Ha Ha Carnival Chapter

PN%XW *++PN %XW*+ +PN%X W*++P

(Just use the dart with the ball to see the ending.)

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Saturday Night Slam Masters Sega Genesis Cheats

Special Moves
El Stingray --- Jalapeno Comet - Down Forward +A
Titanic Tin --- Titan Breaker - Forward Down Back +AB
The Great One --- Neck Wrecker - Forward Down Back +AB
Jumbo --- Blow Turn - Back Down Forward +A
Scorp --- Tiger Driver - Back Down Forward + AB
Titan --- Choke Slam - Back Down Forward + AB
Jumbo --- Heavy Press Slam - press Back Down Forward + AB

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Samurai Shodown Sega Genesis Cheats

No Music During First Round
To turn the music off during the first round, begin a one-player game, waiting until the character introductions fade before pressing Start.

Monday, March 9, 2015

Sampras Tennis 96 Sega Genesis Cheats

Play against Robot on Lunar Surface
Enter the following Codes as Password for play the last match against robot:
Password: ----- Result:
CBKLJ ----- Doubles Match Tournament
FBCLF ----- Pro Doubles Match Tournament
DBKLC ----- Pro Singles Match Tournament
BHFLB ----- Singles Match Tournament

Sunday, March 8, 2015

Sagaia Sega Genesis Cheats

Play Data Screen
At the title screen, press A, B, C, A, B, C, A, B, C, A, B, C.

Sound Test
When entering a high score, enter "ZTT" to see the Sound Test screen. To exit, press Reset.

Free Play
At the title screen, press B, B, B, C, A, A, A, B, B, C, C, C.

Harder Game
At the title screen, press C twelve times.

Level Select
At the title screen, press C, A, C, B, C, A, B, A, B, C, A, C. The words "Zone Select" should appear at the bottom of the screen.

Saturday, March 7, 2015

Rolo To The Rescue Sega Genesis Cheats

Level Skip
While playing, pause the game and highlight the MAP symbol, then press A+C to warp to the FINISH icon.

On the title screen, hold A + B + Upper-Left. Keep holding all of these and press Reset. When the title screen reappears, release everything and press B.

Extra Lives
On the very first level of the game, take Rolo and go to the man who holds the keys to the cages. Leap onto his head and rescue the rabbit in the cage. Press START and then transfer control to the rabbit. Hop left, to the beginning of the level and jump straight up to collect the 1-Up. Press START and go to the map. Go into the same level that you were just in and do the same process over and over again to collect as many 1-Up's as you like.

Friday, March 6, 2015

Rolling Thunder 3 Sega Genesis Cheats

Five lives
Enter ANNOY as a password.

Expert mode
Enter RISKY as a password.

Play as Ellen
Enter GREED as a password.

Thursday, March 5, 2015

Rolling Thunder 2 Sega Genesis Cheats

Level Passwords
Here are the level code for rounds 1 to 6. The codes in parenthesis are for higher levels of difficulty.












Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Rolling Thunder Sega Genesis Cheats

Level Passwords
Level 2: AKEOP
Level 3: KFEOF
Level 4: FSEOA
Level 5: KFEPZ
Level 6: SSELS
Level 7: FAEOI
Level 8: HSEPL
Level 9: HKEPP
Level 10: HFEPN

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Rocket Knight Adventures Sega Genesis Cheats

Harder Game
On the Konami logo screen press Down, down, up, up, down, down, down, down, down.

Record Your Own Demo
Start a new game and play normally, but DON'T pause until you're ready to record your demo. When you're ready, pause the game and press UP seven times, DOWN, LEFT, LEFT, LEFT, RIGHT. When the word "Pause" reverses, press RESET and enjoy your demo.

Monday, March 2, 2015

Robocop VS Terminator Sega Genesis Cheats

Turbo mode
Pause game play and press A, B, C(2), B, A, C, B, A, C, B, A(3), C, A, C, B, C, A, C, A, C, A, B, C, B. A sound will confirm correct code entry. Robocop will be able to move faster and jump higher.

Float in mid-air
Jump and press A, B, Toward.

Graphic mode
Pause game play and press C, B, A, B(2), C, B(2), C, B(2), C(2), B, C, B, C, A, C(2), A(3), B(3), A, C, A.

Move through floors
Pause game play and press A, B, C(3), B, A. Hold Down and press C to reach the next level.

All weapons
Pause game play and press B, A, C(3), A, B(2), A, C(3), A, B. The sound of machine gun fire will confirm correct code entry. Resume game play and hold Down + A + B + C. A line of icons representing each weapon in the game will appear at the top of the screen. Scroll through the icons until the desired weapon is highlighted. Release all buttons to select that weapon

Begin game play at the "Trainer" level and enable the "Turbo mode" code. Move Robocop to left edge of the screen and press Up + C to jump. You will enter a secret level and view a message from the production team. Complete the level to earn invincibility.

Real version
Pause game play and press C, B, A, B(2), A, B(2), C, B(2), C(2), B(2), C, B, C, A, C(2), A(3), B(3), A, C, A. Skeletons, female killers, and a revised game over screen will appear after game play is resumed.

Extra lives
Pause game play and press C(2), A(2), B(2), C(2), A(2), B(2). You will enter a secret level and view a message from the production team. Complete the level to earn 54 lives

Sunday, March 1, 2015

Road Rash 3 Sega Genesis Cheats

Unlimited Cash
First put it in 2 player mode, then set split screen. Then choose weapon and level. Exit and you will have unlimited money.

Easy Money
To start on level 5 with $45,000, enter the password "SPU1 5903".

Fast Bikes and Loose Cash
For a hot time on a hot bike, go to the password screen and set the fourth digit to '2' and the sixth digit to 'U'.

Fast Bikes, Loose Cash, and Level 5
At the password screen, enter "r7ef-tu0r" for $250,000 and a fast bike on level five.

Faster Times at Ridgemont High
Tom Cruise, eat your heart out. The password "15s9 puo3" will give you $200,000, all upgrades, and the best bike in the game!

Cheaper Repair Cost
During the game when your bike has no more hp DO NOT go back to your bike and let it wreck when you touch it. Instead start jogging up the road. After a while a police officer (like OFFICER 11 etc...) on a bike will come up and arrest you. You will still have to pay the ticket, but when you start the race again your bike will be as good as new! PS If you do so you will discover that paying the ticket is a lot cheaper then paying the repair cost.

Free Bike
To get any bike without using your money go to two player mode and choose the bike you want. Then simply put the game on one player mode and start the game. You will have the bike you picked.