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Saturday, February 28, 2015

Road Rash 2 Sega Genesis Cheats

Bike Select
To get your pick of bikes in any race, try this. Go to "Mano A Mano", then have both players select their bikes. Return to the Options screen and set the game to "Take Turns". If you did this right, both players should have their chosen bikes.

For a one-player game, perform the same procedure, but when you leave the Options screen, go back to it and set the game to "One Player".

Bonus Bike
At the title screen, press and hold Up + A + C or Left + B + C, then press START. You'll receive a super bike, the "Wild Thing 2000." Alternatively, enter the password "00DA 1V0N."

Bike Passwords
Shuriken 400: ( 26GH 100A )
Panda 500: ( 27GH 120D )
Shuriken TT 250: ( 26HH 14OF )
Diablo 1000: ( 26HG 1S06 )

How to Get More Money
To increase the amount of money you have by tens of thousands of dollars, increase the value in character 1 in increments of 2 and decrease the value in character 2 by the same amount (you must adjust both to allow the checksum value in the 8th character to remain valid).

How to Increase Level
Increase the 5th character by 1 to 4 (to a maximum value of 5) and also increase the 8th character by the same amount. If you get "Password Invalid", try changing the 8th character until it works.

How to Select a Different Bike
Increase the 6th character in steps of 2 and decrease the 4th character by the same amount. This will also slightly reduce your money, but it allows the checksum value (character 8) to remain valid. To select the undocumented bike named "Wild Thing", you must be on the intro bike, set the 6th character to "V", then increase the 4th character by 2.

How to Mark Tracks as Qualified
Select the appropriate value for the 7th character then experiment with the 8th character until the password is accepted. For example, to qualify on all tracks but Arizona, the value 10111 is required, which translates to an "N" (see description above). Change the 7th character to "N" then find an 8th character that works.

Easy Money
For a cool $2,620,000, try this. At the beginning of the game, go directly to the pasword screen and change the first four digits of the password already there to E430, but do not change the last four digits. By the way, to get $2800, use these digits for the first four spaces of your password: 034E. But don't change the rest!

Help Police Officer Catch Biker
Get busted so many times till you can't pay the fine then the officer will ask you to catch a biker select "yes".

Super Punch
If you want a more powerful hit, hold the C button and up, then wait till you get close to a rasher and let go.

Friday, February 27, 2015

Road Rash Sega Genesis Cheats

Get Wild Thing 2000
To get the Wild Thing 2000, at the bike selection you have to hold UP, A, C, and hit SELECT. You will hear someone go "Yeah". The bike goes 200 MPH, and 255 with turbos (to perform a turbo, tap B twice and hold it down on the second tap).

Super password:
Enter the following password to begin on level 3 with over $7 million in funds.
34441 01MS0 NV8UC 3QJ8R

Diablo 1000 bike:
Enter the following password to start with the Diablo 1000 superbike.
10000 02FM0 101B1 177E9

Level select
Status Password:
Password: ----- Result:
00000 5UILC 5UIBN 17MN1 ----- Level 1
00000 5UHDC 5VI76 27D3E ----- Level 2
00000 5VU3D 5USOI 37I9R ----- Level 3
00000 5VRJD 5VSEI 47V0V ----- Level 4
00000 5VM9D 5VTCB 57GO8 ----- Level 5
11110 5VM9D 4VRDN 57G2I ----- Level 5, final Grass Valley race
10111 5VM9D 4VRDN 57G2I ----- Level 5, final Pacific Coast race
11101 5VM9D 4VRDN 57G2I ----- Level 5, final Palm Desert race
11011 5VM9D 4VRDN 57G2I ----- Level 5, final Redwood Forest race
01111 5VM9D 4VRDN 57G2I ----- Level 5, final Sierra Nevada race

Easy money:
Start the game, race the default track (Sierra Nevada), and finish in first place. The third line on the password you will first receive will be 000KU. Change that line to UK000 and you should have $10 million for the next race.

Thursday, February 26, 2015

Road Avenger Sega Genesis Cheats

Level select
Enter the options menu and highlight the "Players" selection. Press A(6) and exit the options menu. The level selection screen will be displayed.

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Ristar Sega Genesis Cheats

Level select
Enter ILOVEU as a password.

Time attack mode
Enter DOFEEL as a password.

Configuration mode
Enter MAGURO as a password.

Boss mode
Enter MUSEUM as a password.

Expert mode
Enter SUPER as a password.

View credits
Enter AGES as a password.

Disable all codes
Enter XXXXXX as a password.

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Rings Of Power Sega Genesis Cheats

New Logo
For a new look, turn your Genesis off, then hold A + B + C + Down-Right + Start and turn it on.

Chest of Plenty
Go to Magenta, the town in the top middle, and then get to the docks. Go into the top boat shop and open the chest. When you exit the shop, the chest will reset. So, go back in and open the chest again. Continue this until you have enough money/gold/items.

Unlimited Experience
Between the temple of the moon and sun there is an underground passage used for one of the ring quests. The priests will ask you to show an object found during the game, and if chosen wisely you get 250 experience points. If you talk to them again you can answer the question again as long as you like, gaining 250 experience each time.

Monday, February 23, 2015

Revolution X Sega Genesis Cheats

Get Your Wings
Wing 1:
Once inside "Club X" kill off the skate troop and the guys in the windows. When you choose to go left or right choose either one you never know where the wings will be. When you see the phones shoot the sign above them. You'll be in the restroom. When you approach the stalls shoot into every one. In the stalls are N.O.N Troopers. Kepp shooting and you might see Brad Whiteford shoot him and get wings.

Wing 2:
In the bar wait till the third pass. Shoot the two swordfish then the gray screen. Shoot the switch, go up, and shoot Steven Tyler for Wing 2.

Wing 3:
Middle East after finding the car. If you fight long enough you'll see the drummer and two trucks from the cover of "PUMP". Shoot the drummer to get Wing 3.

Wing 4:
Go to the Amazon level and go on all of the lifts. Find the room with 4 or 5 chicks and hit the gutter on top. You'll see a guy jumping and shot him.

Sunday, February 22, 2015

Revenge Of Shinobi (Super Shinobi) Sega Genesis Cheats

Defeating Neo Zeed
As you already know it is almost imposibal to get through the maze. Well those of witch who have know of a stash of jujitsu & power ups. Save these untill Neo Zeed. As soon as you start to fight,use lightning jujitsu, and crouch next to him and fire at will. As soon as the sheild is gone, use it again, and reapeat, Zeed is dead in 5 seconds.

Extra Life
On the first level, enter the second building and find 2 spikes near each other. Use the "ninjitsu of mikin". An extra life will appear between the spikes.

Unlimited Men
In round 4-2, there are many power-ups hidden that are revealed only by shooting them. On the first platform, jump and shoot and you'll reveal a 2-up on the platform across your position. Get it, die, and repeat! There's another 2-up on level 3-2. Go to the second elevator and locate the crates that are in the middle of the screen (on the second level). Then shoot the bottom-left crate until the 2-up appears.

Unlimited Shurikens
For unlimited shurikens, set the number of shurikens on the Options screen to 0 and wait about 20 seconds. The zero will turn into an infinity symbol, giving you an unlimited number of shurikens.

Special Bonus
Finish any level with enough shurikens to equal 11 times the number of lives remaining, and you will receive 30,000 bonus points (i.e., if you have 7 lives left, finish the round with exactly 77 shurikens.)

Saturday, February 21, 2015

Revenge Of Shinobi Sega Genesis Cheats

Unlimited Knives
At The very beginning of the game go to the options menu and change the number of weapons to 00, then do not do ANYTHING for ten seconds, then the 00 will become an infinity sign and your weapons will never run out.

Friday, February 20, 2015

Ren And Stimpy: Stimpys Invention Sega Genesis Cheats

Level Passwords
Press start, then go to Options and password.
Password: ----- Result:
8900003 L9NH2WZ ----- City (Ren)
8700004 D2NG4WY ----- City (Stimpy)
8520007 RC452WZ ----- Outdoors (Ren)
872000G F3444WN ----- Outdoors (Stimpy)
8710003 L9N22W6 ----- Pound (Ren)
871000B 2LN24WZ ----- Pound (Stimpy)

Thursday, February 19, 2015

Red Zone Sega Genesis Cheats

Bonus Game
To play the hidden game of Asteroids, enter the password A, B, C, A, C, A, C, B, C, A, C.

On the Password screen, enter the code B, A, A, B, A, A, C, B, C, A, A.

Asteroids mini-game
Enter ABCACACBCAC as a password

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Ready Aim Tomatoes Sega Genesis Cheats

Extra accuracy points
To get more extra accuracy points, shoot at the "End of Level" sign at the end of each level.

Level Skip on Level 4
After completing level 4, rapidly press the START button on the gun (it's the very bottom button on the front hand grip.) As soon as the screen reads LEVEL 4, rapidly press START to skip ahead 2-4 levels. If your timing is good enough you can skip all the way to the final level.

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

RBI Baseball 93 Sega Genesis Cheats

Sound Test
On the main menu screen, choose the options mode and press Start. Choose to continue and press Start again. You will now be in Sound Test mode and you will be able to choose your sound by pressing Up and Down. Press the A button to hear the current sound and press B or C to stop. Press Start to exit the sound test.

1982 All Stars
To take the 1982 American All Star Team to the World Series, enter the password "DNFW9OKCKKJG".

Monday, February 16, 2015

Sunday, February 15, 2015

RBI Baseball 3 Sega Genesis Cheats

Sound test
Highlight the options selection at the main menu and press Start. Highlight the continue option and press Start. The sound test screen will be displayed. Select a sound by pressing Up or Down. Press A to play the and B or C to stop the sound. Press Start to exit the sound test screen.

Super opponents
Enter rj2q37g2wp as a password.

No hitter
Move your pitcher to the side of the mound opposite that of the batter. Throw the ball to the outside. The CPU batter will swing and miss every time.

Saturday, February 14, 2015

Ranger X Sega Genesis Cheats

Skip Level
Pause the game, then press Up, Down, Up, Down, Up, Down, C, B, A, Right, Left. The music will resume. Press B to skip to the next level.

Friday, February 13, 2015

Thursday, February 12, 2015

Radical Rex Sega Genesis Cheats

Level Select
To start the game at any level, skip past the first title screen until you get to the screen with the One- and Two-Player options. From here, use Controller Two to enter A, C, Down, Right, Up, B.

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

R.B.I. Baseball 3 Sega Genesis Cheats

Secret Team
Enter the password "rj2q37g2wp" and you will be facing the hardest team of all. This monster team features 107 mph pitches, home runs every hit, and more surprises. Good luck!

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

R.B.I. Baseball '94 Sega Genesis Cheats

Hold C and press A to throw a spitball.

Tengen Team
For a challenge, enter the password "THECHALLENGE" to play against the people who worked on the game. For a tougher challenge, beat the Tengen team and you'll play against the Dream Team!

Take an extra lead
To take an extra lead, hold the B button and press the directional pad in the direction of the base that you wishto move toward. You will see the runner take the extra step off the base.

Monday, February 9, 2015

R.B.I. Baseball '93 Sega Genesis Cheats

Sound Test
On the main menu screen, choose the options mode and press Start. Choose to continue and press Start again. You will now be in Sound Test mode and you will be able to choose your sound by pressing Up and Down. Press the A button to hear the current sound and press B or C to stop. Press Start to exit the sound test.

Sunday, February 8, 2015

Quad Challenge Sega Genesis Cheats

Level Passwords - Hard Difficulty
Level 2 = LTR9
Level 3 = 693F
Level 4 = VJSU
Level 5 =
Level 6 = ERU7
Level 7 = DH2F
Level 8 = YZ25
Level 9 =
Level 10 = PB4V

Level Passwords - Normal Difficulty
Level 5 = 9F2J
Level 6 = 13RB
Level 7 = PNF5
Level 8 = CR11
Level 9 = 5JE8
Level 10 = 8SWG
Level 11 = HGLY
Level 12 = Q44E
Level 13 = WHCM
Level 14 = TVGZ
Level 15 = SNDN
Level 16 = B16A

Saturday, February 7, 2015

Quack Shot Sega Genesis Cheats

Temper Tantrum
When Donald eats a pepper, pause the game and press Up, Up, Up, Up, Down. Unpause the game and Donald will lose his temper.

Extra Lives
To earn as many lives as you'd like, beat the Translyvania level. After placing the flag, summon the airplane and select Transylvania again. Find the extra life hidden under the first stack of barrels. To find the other life, jump into the water then go all the way to the end. When you've found both of them, return to the entrance and leave the castle. You many now re-enter the castle and collect another extra life. Repeat as needed.

Friday, February 6, 2015

Pyramid Magic Special Sega Genesis Cheats

Level passwords
Select "Password" on the title screen and input these numbers:
Password: ----- Result:
264575 ----- Round 06
316227 ----- Round 11
447213 ----- Round 16
547722 ----- Round 21
632455 ----- Round 26
707106 ----- Round 31
948683 ----- Round 36

Thursday, February 5, 2015

Pyramid Magic 3 Sega Genesis Cheats

Level passwords
Select "Password" on the title screen and input these numbers:
Password: ----- Result:
618000 ----- Round 06
061970 ----- Round 11
768018 ----- Round 16
721590 ----- Round 21
762228 ----- Round 26
764764 ----- Round 31
723413 ----- Round 36

Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Pyramid Magic 2 Sega Genesis Cheats

Level passwords
Select "Password" on the title screen and input these numbers:
Password: ----- Result:
826696 ----- Round 06
707882 ----- Round 11
768018 ----- Round 16
581027 ----- Round 21
811804 ----- Round 26
014070 ----- Round 31
280203 ----- Round 36

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Pyramid Magic Sega Genesis Cheats

Level passwords
Select "Password" on the title screen and input these numbers:
Password: ----- Result:
141421 ----- Round 06
404317 ----- Round 11
630925 ----- Round 16
350307 ----- Round 21
391215 ----- Round 26
660821 ----- Round 31
620920 ----- Round 36

Monday, February 2, 2015

Puyo Puyo Sega Genesis Cheats

Sound Test
On the title screen, press A, A, Left, B, B, Left, C, and C. You will hear a sound when the code is entered correctly. Sound Test is located on the Options menu.

Sound Test
To unlock the Sound Test, complete the game on any difficulty. The Sound Test appear in the Options Menu.

Sunday, February 1, 2015

Puggsy Sega Genesis Cheats

Level Passwords
All but 4 levels completed (including lighthouse)
040 277 404
304 304 567
073 717 514

All Levels Open:
600 276 007
314 325 663
037 356 576

Final Boss tip
If you stand to the far right of the screen when the Final Boss shoots his lasers, he can't hit you.

Bunny Land
In the first level of redwood forest (the level after the first boss), climb the tree where the bird is dropping eggcorns. At the top there is a knife. Get the knife, go down the tree and cut the brige. Fall down and go right. After you beat the level in the play area you will see a ?. Enter it to play in Bunny Land.

Exit level
When you are in a level and want to leave but you're stuck or can't find the exit, hit start then press A B and C at the same time and you will exit the level.